Is it Possible to Go From Gym to Office?

With the busy schedules of those who want to stay in shape, they are often forced to head straight to work (or a night out) after their workouts. If you are the high maintenance type this may be hard to pull off. By following these few simple steps, you can go from walking the tread mill to walking into your office without one strand of hair out of place.

Plan Ahead

You know you are going to be rushing out the door the next morning anyway, so plan ahead and have all of your stuff ready in your car. Not by the front door where you will inevitably leave something important, but inside of your car. This means all of your clothes, shoes and toiletries that you normally have at your disposal.


Hang your work clothes carefully and protect them with a plastic bag. Your shoes will be fine in a bag as will your toiletries, but don’t expect to find an iron handy if you do wrinkle that Brooks Brothers suit. When you leave for the gym in the morning you can just throw on your work out clothes and go, knowing that all of your important stuff is already taken care of.

What Toiletries do You Need?

Don’t expect the gym to supply you with anything. If this is something that you expect to do often, we recommend that you have a replica of your home bathroom inside of your locker. This means your shampoo, conditioner, Braun toothbrush (reviews here) and toothpaste. It may seem unnecessary, but having an electric toothbrush handy at the gym at all times will not only help you in getting ready for work.

Don’t forget soap, deodorant and a clean towel either. You don’t want to take a nice hot shower only to have to dry off with your sweaty gym towel. Also don’t forget about those items that make you look good too. This includes your hair styling products, an extra brush and even a blow dryer if you need it. Ladies you are also going to need a separate bag for your cosmetics and perfume.

When Else Can You Pull This Off?

Gyms see a lot of these on Friday and Saturday evenings, but mostly with the guys. Wanting to look buff before they head out to the club, they hit the gym first and do a bunch of reps. The same rules apply here, except that the choice in clothes is always vastly different than what is seen on the way to work in the mornings.

Some Things to Remember

Showering at the gym is not for everyone. Some people are naturally uncomfortable with this idea. If this is you, plan your gym trips for right after work and then head home to clean up. If you do shower at the gym always use flip flops. This is just a precaution to keep your feet from developing athlete’s foot, which is highly contagious. Also leave the shaving for at home. For ladies this can be awkward to pull off at the gym, and for guys it is just too darn messy.

Simplify your busy schedule as best you can, without missing out on your daily trips to the gym. With some careful planning (and an extra electric toothbrush and some of that handy dandy whitening tooth paste they make these days) you can always make time for an hour or two of intense working out.

Is a Muscle Maximizer Supplement the Right Way to Get in Shape?

Building muscle mass takes hard work and dedication. It involves a change in diet, routine exercise and a whole new attitude about the way you feel when it comes to being fit. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, and get your body in the shape that you want. You just need to find the combination of methods that works best for you.

Change Your Diet

The first thing you must do is make a drastic change in your diet. While you might be able to skimp out on workouts every now and again, not eating right will simply not allow you to gain muscle mass. Your body relies on an enormous amount of amino acids to build muscle. These are only found in foods that are high in protein. This means cutting out junk food and eating lots of lean meats, eggs and tofu if you have any chance of increasing the diameter of your biceps.

You do have to be balanced though. Make sure you also get a fair share of vegetables, especially the leafy green ones. These are packed with essential nutrients that will keep your entire body healthy while you focus on making yourself look better.


Muscle Building Supplements

There is a lot of controversy swirling around taking supplements meant to bulk muscle, but the truth is these can be highly effective in helping you build your muscle tone quickly. Check out somanabolic muscle maximizer reviews to see for yourself how many men and women are reaping its awards. While there a number of different types of muscle building supplements, you are going to find that one works best for you.

These pose no risk to your health and only provide a natural way to help you to achieve your goals faster.

Working Out

Of course pills and protein are not going to build the muscle by themselves. You are going to need to hit the gym too, and work on it by lifting weights and doing endurance building exercises. Many bodybuilders are now going crazy for CrossFit training, an exercise regime that combines unique and rapid movements to work out your entire body. This is an extreme workout that delivers amazing results. If you think you are up for the challenge, consider joining one of these gyms in your area.

If not, regular exercise is going to help you achieve your goals too. Just make sure that you give attention to all of your muscle groups. There is no bigger turn off then a guy with six pack abs and chicken legs. Use various gym equipment and push your body just over its limit in every area if you want to see the best results. If you are having trouble, enlist the help of a personal trainer to assist you with the right techniques and weights for your body.

 By incorporating all of these methods, you are working not only towards expansive muscle growth, but to overall great physical health. The combination of diet, supplements and regular exercise is the perfect recipe towards building the perfect body.

Different (And Fun) Muscle Building Exercises

You don’t have to hit the gym every time you want to work on your muscle mass. You don’t even have to lift weights. If pumping iron has begun to bore you, but you still want to keep working out, there are plenty of other fun ways to keep stacking on muscle. Even better, some of these methods will even work on those muscles that are getting missed by your typical reps.

Working in the Yard

So mowing the lawn may not be your favorite fun activity, but it does get you outside. Give the ride-on mower to your unfit neighbor and stick with the traditional push mower. You are exerting a lot more strength than you think, and using muscles that you forgot you had all over your body. Pushing a lawn mower works your forearms and biceps, chest, legs and glutes. That’s a lot of muscle workout for a few laps around the yard with the lawn mower. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to mow the unfit guys lawn next door.

Other types of yard work also work, such as gardening. While not as intense, you are still working muscles. In the winter, your least favorite activity, snow shoveling, also helps add inches to the biceps.


Now we’re talking. Fishing, especially cast fishing, is a great workout for the arms. Especially when you catch something. You won’t need much more than a sturdy fishing rod, line, bait and a cooler to store all those fish (or beer). Once water side, start casting away and giving those overlooked shoulder muscles a workout. The reward is not just bigger muscles, but a tasty dinner.



For something really different, and a lot of fun, try archery.

There is a lot more strength involved in pulling back a recurve bow than you think. Just check out the muscles on Robin Hood.

If you have never participated in this sport before look for a beginner recurve bow, along with a large target. Your large target should not be your unfit neighbor, but rather a large inanimate object. An arrow for a recurve bow will hurt, so make sure that you choose a spot to try out archery where there is no risk of hurting anyone.

This sport, showcased on, works on the muscles in your hands, forearm, biceps and shoulders. Plus if you run to collect your arrows you can work on your legs too.


Actually throwing any object around your yard is a good muscle workout. Plus it’s one you can do with the kids, the dog, or the unfit neighbor. So long as you are putting as much force as possible into your throws, you are working out the muscles in your arms and shoulders.

All of these suggestions are designed to get you out of the gym once in a while. Working out is a whole body process that also requires some bursts of fresh air and fun from time to time. By incorporating these ideas into your weekly routine you are not only working out your muscles, but your mind and spirit.

Motorcycle Riders Can Be Physically Fit Too
fitness for motorcycle riders

Bet this guy rides a bike.

Are you an avid motorcycle rider and you are looking for ways on how to shift to a healthier lifestyle? More and more people nowadays are getting more concerned about their overall health as they would like to live longer. If this applies to you then you should start shedding off that beer belly and start growing those muscles instead.

Usually when you picture a motorcycle rider, you would be thinking of that long bearded, fat guy that is hiding his fat face underneath his helmet or shades drinking beer on a bar laughing crazy with his fellow motorcycle riders. Let’s make a difference by showing people that motorcycle riders have a chance to make themselves look better and live healthier. You are never too late to make a change even if you can hardly sit on a couch because of that extra weight in your belly.

You don’t have to start by being hard on yourself. You must keep in mind that if you want to make changes or if you want to get results, it is essential that you enjoy what you are doing and you don’t stress yourself out just like you are in a hurry to meet a deadline. Starting with a basic fitness regimen will help you shed off excess belly fat.

Remember how you first started out riding that bike? Go like that. Do your research, read reviews just like those old helmet reviews you looked at before shelling out for a new lid. Go with what feels right, but also has some fact behind it.

The first thing that you should work on is the flexibility of your muscles. You can start with stretching exercises to keep you warmed up before working out. You can opt for anaerobic workouts such as weight training. This helps burn fats easily and at the same time tone those muscles to keep your body fit.

Aside from weight lifting, you should as well opt for cardio exercises. Cardio exercises allow the oxygen to circulate into your body properly which helps in maintaining a healthy heart and body. You can start with a little brisk walking on a regular basis and if you are now more comfortable, you can shift to jogging.

Being able to adapt to a fitness regimen may be challenging at first as you are not used to this. However, if you opt to have a body that is physically fit, your fitness regimen should turn out to be something that you really enjoy doing.

We are aware that most of the motorcycle riders we see don’t really have that hunk look like what we see on action movies. But of course there is always a way to change how things look and with enough discipline and hard work, there is greater success in achieving a healthy and physically fit body.

Exercising With Your Pet Dog
dog exercise

Did you know this guy needs his exercise, too?

Are you aware that your pets need exercise too? If you are planning to shift to a healthier lifestyle and get yourself engaged in exercising from time time, you can bring your pet dog along with you and start exercising together.

Aside from the usual food that you give your dog and regular check ups to its vet, you will also have to think of its physical appearance. If you want to physically fit yourself to make you feel a lot better, then your dog needs to do this as well. However, what can be challenging for you is on how you will be able to perform exercises with your dog.

Well, since exercising needs to be a step by step process either for you or for your dog, you can start with walking. Walking your dog every morning before you go to work can be a good exercise for you and for your dog. Brisk walking is a cardio exercise. This will allow your blood to circulate properly and also allow you to breath in oxygen normally into your lung which can help your heart work as normal as it should. This activity gives the same health benefits to your dog, so engaging with this activity as often as possible is recommended for both of you.

Cardio exercises will not only be beneficial for you but your pet dog as well. If you don’t want a lazy dog in front of your lawn, then this is one good healthy activity that you can engage with your pet dog. Your pet will definitely enjoy this as it is spending more time with you.

This is one great workout for our pet dog. Since dog are known to be active animals, they would definitely need a regular stretch as regular as possible. You will need to expose them to air instead of having them contained in just one place. Aside from walking the dog everyday, you can also allow it to run around your yard. If you don’t have a fence to safely keep them, you can make use of wireless dog fences from where you can safely keep your dog monitored and safe from harm.

You can absolutely make your daily exercises more exciting for you and your dog. This can be one great bonding time for you. You can either do this before going to work or after you come home from work. If you really don’t have that much time, you can walk your dog during weekends. Just spend a little time with your little friend. He needs some of your attention too. Keep him safe and loved and you’ll get more from this man’s best friend.

Break Free Of Your Deep Fried Diet!

pork fried kale and tomatoesThere’s a reason you see so many advertisements in the fitness, workout, weight lifting, bodybuilding, and health market. It is one of the major, ever-present issues that people think about on a daily basis. To take it a step further, it is full of people who want to improve their health, wellness, fitness level, strength, or any other health related goal.

The point of this is that there are countless numbers of people at their ‘starting point’ at any one time. Many of them will find the key to success and crush their goals, but a vast majority will fall short and never reach the level they want to get to. There are a few things that almost everyone at their ‘starting point’ can do to take the next step and break free, and one of those few things is diet.

We find that a ton of people who are overweight, unhealthy, and unfit, have what we like to call, a “Deep Fry Diet”. This is, as it sounds, a diet that consists of a high volume of food fried in oil, usually from fast food joints like McDonals, KFC, or Wendy’s. These foods are sky-high with fat, cholesterol, bad carbohydrates, and salt – all things that do significant damage to your health if not kept at a reasonable level.

The Very Beginning

There is so much information out there it can be absolutely terrifying and paralyzing for someone looking to get into shape.

Put down the magazines and remember just this one thing: diet is responsible for around 80% of whatever fitness goal you’re after.

Don’t start running, don’t start going to the gym, don’t start taking any supplements. Start with your diet and only when you have that under control, move on to the other 20%.

Almost every single person at the start of their fitness journey can benefit from eliminating certain bad foods and changing their eating habits. Rather than salivating over the new fryer you new picked up as you stand in line at Burger King, you should be preparing the week’s meals while chowing down on a chicken and avocado wrap.

It seems too easy to be true, and today’s advertising and work out culture has made it impossible for the average person to grasp that working out alone isn’t what gives you results. After all, the gym is sexy, working out is cool, and how are you going to get shredded eating spinach?

We have to do what we can to educate people on taking small, achievable steps on their journeys to fitness, hence our post today.

Even doing something like getting into the habit of using your oven for cooking real food or trading in that deep fat fryer for one of those new ones that doesn’t user more than a tablespoon of oil are great steps.

It is vitally important that diet be the first habit you change. So many people don’t even know what healthy eating is, and they are surprised when we tell them it is not chips, soda, and cake. People also get tricked by eating ‘healthy’ ingredients that are mixed with non-healthy ingredients. “But I’m eating tuna!” they say. Yes, but that doesn’t matter as much when you’ve got a load of cheese and mayonnaise and salt added to it.

And NO you don’t have to give up every single thing you like. We encourage cheat days every once in awhile because you shouldn’t have to skip using the best turkey fryer that your grandparents just bought for Thanksgiving just because you’re ‘on a diet’. In fact, we like to think of this as a lifestyle shift. From unhealthy eating with tiny, tiny bits of healthy eating…to health eating with tiny, tiny bits of unhealthy eating.


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Bodyweight exercises that work

best bodyweight exercisesThese are the best exercises for toning and shaping your body, and dissolving fat. Many of these you can do at home, or at the gym for the extra motivation. Either way, these exercises do only one thing – they work.

Push ups

It’s time to get down to the floor and shred away that fat. Start off at any number of push ups that you can do, one still counts! Now do a few sets of your maximum number of push ups at least three times in one day. Tomorrow, do the same, and by next week you’ll easily have doubled your original number. Half the battle is psychological, and this exercise proves the saying mind over matter!

Correct Posture: Make sure your hands are below your shoulders on each side, not closer to your body. You back should be straight, and you should get someone to watch your first few to see that it is. Bring your chest all the way to ground and your whole body back up again.

Sit ups

This one won’t just get you in shape, it will get you out of bed in the morning. Try for a solid number that’s easy to remember, unless you’re marking your progress down. Your minimum should be around ten to twenty crunches in three sets. You can space the sets apart from one another within the same day, but make sure that each set is done quickly and without pause.

Correct Posture: Lay on your back with you knees up, feet flat in front of you, and keep your hands on your chest. Don’t lift your body all the way to your knees, as this will use more of your back rather than your core muscles. Instead, lift yourself only a few inches off the ground, count to one, drop, count to one, up. Keep in rhythm and the set will be over before you know it!


If you want to increase the amount of muscle in your body quickly with one exercise then you want to do squats. Squats are proven to increase human growth hormone in the blood, leading to better metabolism and muscle growth. There are plenty of videos online and on demand with group workout sessions where all they do is squat. One pro tip: make sure you’re not wearing thin or overly tight pants.

Correct Posture: Your feet need to be wide enough apart so you won’t fall. Keep your back straight while you descend by bending your knees. It will feel like you’re trying to sit, but there’s no seat there…that’s okay just don’t fall over.


The latest rage in the fitness world, planks are great if you hate the ups and downs of sit ups and push ups. They’re extremely easy to perform and provide the same benefits as multiple exercises. A plank is all about timing, and you should try to keep one in the correct posture for at least a minute, and work your way up to five. Most people recommend doing at least five sets of your maximum plank time.

Correct Posture: Just like a push up, you want to keep your back straight, parallel to the ground. Unlike a push up, rest your forearms beneath you – shoulder length. Hold til you collapse!

Best supplements to gain muscle fast

build muscle fastWhat you need:

  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • Caffeine
  • Fish Oil
  • Glutamine
  • ZMA
  • Vitargo

* Many of these should be blended into your pre and post workout shakes for maximum benefit. See below for the proper amounts.*

Whey Protein digests fat and supports rapid muscle growth. It also contains peptides that increase blood flow to your muscles. Take: twenty grams thirty minutes before working out, and forty grams within one hour post workout.

Creatine can gain you up to ten pounds of mass and increases your overall strength. Creatine also increases the number of reps you can do at the gym, improving the time you spend lifting. It draws more water into the cells that compose your muscles, which supports long term growth. Take: two to five grams before a workout, two to five grams post workout, and on no-gym days take two to five grams with a breakfast that has carbohydrates as a part of it.

Caffeine raises testosterone, boosts focus and motivation, and helps overcome fatigue. Can also help you recover faster. Take: when you need to get pumped. Spend every minute in the gym at over one hundred percent.

Fish Oil enhances the outcome of the work you put in at the gym via the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Take: four grams of fish oil a day to increase protein synthesis and muscle building by up to thirty percent. Fish oil can create up to two percent gains in muscle mass without even exercising or working out regularly.

Glutamine, an amino acid that is directly linked to muscle function, and one of the most plentiful amino acids in the body. It aids muscle growth, decreases muscle breakdown and supports your immune system, so you don’t get slowed down by getting sick, even a little. Take: before workouts to decrease fatigue and boost hormone levels. Ingest five to ten grams at breakfast, pre and post workout, and at night.

ZMA stands for zinc, magnesium aspartate with a mix of vitamin B6. Most people are lacking these three supplements in their normal diet, but these are critical minerals in terms of building muscle and should be taken to maintain hormone levels and to aid sleep for recovery after strength building exercises. Extreme training can bring down your level of testosterone, but ZMA has proven that it actually increases your testosterone when training. Take: thirty milligrams of zinc, four hundred fifty milligrams of magnesium and ten point five milligrams of vitamin B6 – thirty minutes to an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach. This makes sure that you absorb as much ZMA as possible for the best possible sleep.

Vitargo is a brand of high molecular-weight carbs (HMC) made from corn starch. These carbs pass quickly through your digestive system and are absorbed by the body entering the blood. HMCs pass through your stomach 100% faster than sports drinks. HMCs help reduce muscle degradation and brings up your levels of insulin to promote muscle growth and replenish your muscle glycogen levels. Take: sixty to one hundred grams postworkout.


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